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Empower yourself with a powerful set of tools designed to simplify your trading and help you make better informed decisions. Fully integrated with the worlds #1 charting platform TradingView.


Experience the Benefits of Algo-Trading with Our Bot

Maximize your trading potential with our algorithm-based signals. Our automated trading strategy provides easy-to-follow entry and stop levels for manual execution, allowing you to take control of your trades. It also features customizable risk management options and powerful functionality to support a more disciplined approach. Say goodbye to the emotions that can sabotage your success.

Please note that past performance is not indicative of future results and that all trading carries a high level of risk. While backtests can give a good indication on the usefulness of a strategy, it does not provide any guarantees for future profits. 

Maximize Your Trading Potential

Unique Charts gives you the professional tools and features you need to make informed trading decisions


trend detection

Trade with the Market's Flow

Stay ahead of the game with advanced trend detection. Unique Charts Premium makes it easy to identify market trends and make informed trades.


Support & Resistance

Capitalize on Key Market Levels

Finding important support and resistance levels can be time-consuming, but not with Unique Charts. Our indicator suite accurately detects the most relevant levels, saving you time and improving your analysis.


signals & alerts

Never Miss a Trading Opportunity

Tracking numerous assets can be challenging, but Unique Charts Premium simplifies the process. Receive customized alerts for important events, such as trend changes, support and resistance touches, and more.



Get a Comprehensive View

Combining multiple timeframes is a key principle in technical analysis and Unique Charts Premium makes it easy. With our multi-timeframe analysis, you’ll have all the information you need in one clear and concise chart.


market screener

Effortlessly Identify Trading Opportunities

Save time and effort by using Unique Charts’ Market Screener to quickly identify assets close to important support or resistance levels and other potential trading opportunities.

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Know When to Take Profits

Knowing when to take profits is a crucial aspect of trading. Unique Charts’ Parabolic Exhaustion Signal provides valuable insight and helps you make informed decisions about when to take profits.

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Once you chose a membership plan, you receive an email in which we ask you to provide us with your Username on TradingView. Once you send us your Username, we can grant you access to the premium tools directly in your TradingView account. It works on the free plan of TradingView, you don’t need to upgrade to use our indicators and trading strategies.

You will also be part of our growing Discord community. On our Discord we offer support for the indicators, answer all the questions you have, share trading and investment ideas, hang out and offer a full community experience.

Our tools work on any market with a price chart including crypto, stocks, indices, forex, commodities etc. and on all timeframes 1m, 5m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W, 1M etc. 

Unique Charts indicators and strategies help you to identify the trend, gauge the trend strength, spot significant support and resistance levels and pinpoint tops of parabolic moves. These are fundamental pieces of information that are useful for any style of discretionary trading or investing style (scalping, day-trading, swing-trading, position trading, long term investing).

Of course not. There is no holy grail or magic solution that can predict the market with a guaranteed accuracy. Trading and investing is by nature probabilistic and losing is an unavoidable part of the game.

We provide tools to simplify and improve technical analysis, which are a tremendous help for your discretionary decision making. Our tools can help you gain unique perspectives to use on any market available on TradingView.

Yes, if you’re new to trading or investing you can certainly use our tools with ease.

We have many easy to follow tutorials & guides for you to use as a beginner and get you started out on the right track. If you should still face any kind of hurdle, you will always find a helping hand in our Discord group.

To keep things simple and transparent we offer two membership tiers: Chart Mastery for $42.99/month and Quantum Edge for 69.99/month. You can save 40% on your membership by getting the yearly plan.

We provide top notch support via email & from within our Discord group – don’t hesitate to contact us.

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